Privacy Policy

Disclaimer:The infomation,layout,pictures,etc.Shown/contained in this brochure are indicative only.The Builder/Developer shall not be liable,responsible,obligated and / or required to provide any and / or all such amenities,specification etc. as contained in this brochure.All plans,drawings,infomation amenities,layout etc. are subject to approval from MCGM and other concerned authorities.The Builder/Developer shall irrevocable and unconditional right to change,delete,substitute,alter,subtract add,amend etc.the said plans,drawings,infomation,specification,amenities,layout etc,in such manner as the builder/develloper may deem fit.

No right of any nature whatsoever shall be constructed and /or deemed to have accrued in favour of any person and /or purchaser of the premises from or by virtue of this brochures.The Builder/Developer shall not be liable and/or responsible for any loss,damages,cost,charges,expenses suffered / incurred and / or likely to be suffered and / or incurred by any person and / or purchaser of the premises.No person or purchaser of the premises shall have any right or be entitled to claim or enforce anyright based on this Brochure